Ian Button

ian2Ian Button was born in Crayford, Kent  in 1962. He was working at Pinnacle Records in Orpington when he met the Foreman brothers and joined The Climb as their bass player in 1982, later switching to guitar as they evolved into Thrashing Doves. Having been involved in all the Doves related projects up until the early 90s, he then began writing and releasing his own material (as Motorcyclone, Ashley Flowers, The Anthony Anderson Project) and in 1994/5 he became the guitarist for Death In Vegas. His involvement in that project went on through the rest of the 90s and up to 2011, both on record and as part of the live band.

Alongside his work in DIV Ian also played sessions for a range of artists (Dot Allison, Cathy Dennis etc), worked on some TV/Ad/media music projects for CBBC, BBH, Universal and others, and from the mid 2000s began to do production/engineering/drumming work for a number of artists currently including Go Kart Mozart, Darren Hayman, Pete Astor, David Cronenberg’s Wife, Wreckless Eric etc.

Ian set up the Gare Du Nord Records collective in 2013 with a group of fellow artists and collaborators, and is currently releasing material with his band Papernut Cambridge. He also lectures/tutors in music production and songwriting for the University of Westminster and is a course developer at Point Blank Music School.