Angie Brown

angie1Angie Brown was born “some time in the 60’s, ok?” to Jamaican born parents & enjoyed a very happy childhood in Brixton. Sensing rising tensions in Brixton, her parents moved the family a little further South East, to Penge, before the horrors of the Brixton riots finally broke. In Penge, family life continued happily and Angie received a great boost to her performing confidence when she won a singing competition whilst on holiday at Butlins in Skegness! Angie went on to train at St.Catherines Drama School in Guildford, Surrey, before working for a short time in Catering all over the City of London and West End. Also, more importantly, she was regularly attending Singers nights in London and performing at various showcases around town, most memorably at The Spot, The Back Bar and at the Original Songwriters at The 10 Rooms.

By 1992, Angie Brown had already made her mark in the recording world of Rock/Post Punk with some excellent work in several bands of the time. She joined THE DIRTY STRANGERS (with RONNIE WOOD & KEITH RICHARDS) in the late 80’s; their albums ‘Dirty Strangers’ and ‘Diamonds’ feature Angies’ vocals.

It was during her time with The Doves that Angie went for a recording session for Bizarre Inc. and the rest is history! After the huge success of ‘I’m Gonna Get You’, Angie became one of the most sought after voices in the UK recording industry, both as a top session singer/songwriter and as a formidable live performer.

In 1994, Angie teamed up with talented House re-mixer Steve Rodway aka. MOTIV-8 to record ‘Rockin For Myself’ which became a Top 20 hit in the UK and served to crystallize her reputation as a much requested and much respected vocalist, so her live work credits grew, including:

  • DESMOND DEKKER – Live in London
  • JOHN HOLT – top Reggae star Live in London
  • JOCELYN BROWN – No relation! Live on Greek tour
  • GRACE JONES – Live on BBC special ‘The Windrush’
  • SHOLA AMA – Live in London
  • BEVERLEY KNIGHT – Live in London & Tour
  • RONAN KEATING – Live in Hyde Park, London
  • EMMA BUNTON – Live in Hyde Park, London
  • LISA STANSFIELD – Live in Hyde Park, London
  • JAMELIA – Live on ‘TFI Friday’ (CH4)
  • HEAVEN 17 – Several UK Tours
  • CHAKA KHAN – Live at Café de Paris, London
  • THE HAPPY MONDAYS – UK Tours for 2 years
  • ROZALLA & SYBILL – Diva Tours

These just represent but a few of Angies’ collaborative live appearances.

Now the mid 1990’s, the dance/club culture was in full swing and Angie had become the much loved dancing queen! She quickly became the favourite live act at the emerging super clubs like BCM Majorca, the whole Ibizia scene, the various European resorts of Club 18-30’s holidays (for over 10 years!) huge rave events for Fantazia, the UK Butlins resorts and the countless regional clubs all over the UK and Europe. Angie even found herself singing with fellow diva SYBILL at the King of Moroccos’ birthday party at his Morroccan Palace! In 1996, Angie & Sybill won Best Live Act at the Club Awards…but when not onstage, Angie was in even greater demand thru the 90’s to the present day, to record with other artistes.

These have included…

  • MARK MORRISON – Vocals on hit ‘Return of the Mack’ (1996)
  • JOCELYN BROWN – on track ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’ (1998)
  • CULTURE CLUB – vocals on album ‘Don’t Mind If I Do’ (1999)
  • MIDGE URE – vocals on albums ‘Move Me’ (2001) ‘Pure’ (track: ‘Let It Go’ Arista 1991) + ‘If I Was: The Very Best of Midge Ure & Ultravox’ (1993)
  • NENEH CHERRY – vocals in choir on album
  • KATE BUSH – vocals & video for track ‘Eat The Music’ (1993)
  • FREAKPOWER (FAT BOY SLIM) – on album ‘More of Everything for Everybody’ (1996) +‘Drive Thru Booty’ (1995)
  • GABRIELLE – vocals on album
  • HOLLY JOHNSON – co-wrote ‘Disco Heaven on album ‘Soulstream’ (1999)
  • SARAH CRACKNELL (ST.ETIENNE) – on album ‘Lipslide’ (Instinct 1997)
  • LONDONBEAT – on album ‘Londonbeat’ (1995)
  • AIR CUBA – vocals on ‘Starshine’ from ‘Leap of Faith’ (4AD Records 1999)
  • HEAVEN 17 – vocals on albums ‘Lets All Make A Bomb’ (2003)+ ‘Absolutely The Best…Live!’ (2000)+ ‘How Live Is’ (1999)+ ‘Retox/Detox (Remixed) (1998)+ ‘Bigger Than America’ (1996)
  • MICROGROOVE – vocals on track ‘Phone Home’ EP (Humpty Human 1992)
  • GET READY – vocals on track ‘Wild Wild West’ (Mega Records 1995)B.B. – vocals on track ‘Good Enough’ (S3 Records 1996)
  • THE GOOD STRAWBERRIES – vocals on ‘Affro Dizzy Jack’ (Dureco 1994)
  • DOCTOR WOOS – vocals on track ‘Soul In Paradise’ (Out Records 1990)
  • CORDUROY – vocals on tracks on album ‘Clik!’ (Big Cat UK 1999)
  • DIVE – vocals on track ‘Joy Is Free’ (WEA International Inc. 1998)
  • URBAN HEARTS – vocals on track ‘Free To Love’ (Subversive 1999)
  • DJ TONKA – vocals on album ‘Proved’ (2000)
  • ANTHONY THISTLETHWAITE – on album ‘Crawfish & Caviar’ (1997)
  • SAM MOLLISON – vocals on track ‘Always On My Mind’ (1998)F.K.JUNIOR – vocals on album ‘Barfly’ as band Black Masses (2000)

No longer part of a band or constrained by a record company, Angie was now free to accept the many offers to co-write & record House music all over the world, to great acclaim.

Her work has been taken up by

  • ‘BRING IT BACK’ – Ministry of Sound/Vocal Records (2007)
  • ‘MAKE MY LOVE’ – Soul Avengerz (2007)‘SING’ – Soul Avengerz / Sing EP Positiva (2006)
  • ‘ANY LOVE’ – Soul Avengerz 2005
  • ‘NEVER GONNA GIVE UP’ – Miami Collective (2004)
  • ‘TOWER OF LOVE’ – Orange Soul (2004)
  • ‘TURN MY WORLD AROUND’ ‘HEART & SOUL’ ‘ EXOTIC FRUIT’ + ‘LETS CLOSE OUR EYES’ – Housejunkies (2005 – 2008)
  • ‘WEEKEND’ – Seamus Haji / Paul Emanuel (Azuli Silver / Hed Kandi 2004)‘REACH’ – U’nique (Vocal Records 2003)
  • THE STEREOPHONICS – on album ‘You’ve Got To Go There To ComeBack’ (2004) Tracks: ‘Jealousy’ & ‘High AsThe Ceiling’ ‘Maybe Tomorrow’
  • LOUIE VEGA – vocals on album ‘Back in the Box’ (2007)
  • S-TONE INC. – on albums ‘Love Unlimited’ (2002) + ‘Free Spirit’ (2000)
  • HONEYROOT – vocals on album ‘Sound Echo Location’ (2003)
  • ‘GOOD FOR YOU’ – One Track Mind (Soulfuric / Hed Kandi U. S 2002)
  • LORENZO AL DINO – guest appearance on album ‘Diamond Life’ (2007)
  • SPIKE – vocals on album ‘It’s a Treat to be Alive’ / Demolition (2006)
  • ‘BURNING UP’ – Mark Knight / Toolroom Records
  • ‘NEVER SAY NEVER’ – Damian Carter / Milk’n’Sugar
  • ‘PARADISE’ & ‘I GOT THIS FEELING’ – Milk’n’Sugar
  • ‘MOVIN UP’ – Glory Parade / Ministry of Sound / album ‘Housexy – The Sounds of Playboy’ (2006)
  • NO OTHER MAN’ – Steven Stone
  • DIMITRI FROM PARIS – on albums ‘A Night at the Playboy Mansion’ (2000)+ ‘Return to the Playboy Mansion’ (2008)
  • ‘SLEEP TALK’ – ATFC (New Music Int. 2001
  • )‘GOOD ENOUGH’ – Fabio M (UMM Records 2003)
  • ‘FEEL THE NEED’ – Weird Science (NuLife Records 2000)
  • ‘BECAUSE OF YOU’ – Yasang :Angie Brown + Yasmin James (Catch 1998)
  • ‘BOOGIEDOWN’ – Manero (Boogie Records 2001)
  • ‘LU 4ETERNITY’ – Eric S on album ‘You Are Somebody’ (PlaygroundMusic Scandinavia 2002)
  • ‘AMAZING GRACE’ – Spiritualized (Sanctuary Records 2003)
  • ‘OVER YOU’ – Warren Clarke (Funktastica Records / Defected 2000)
  • ‘(NOW THAT) I’VE FOUND IT’ – Northside Connection (In Demand 2000)
  • ‘WHATEVER YOU DREAM’ – J:Sonic aka. Jason Herd (Subliminal SoulRecords U.S 2003)
  • ‘GOOD FOR YOU’ – Copyright / Soulfuric Records
  • ‘HURT SO BAD’ – G Force co-write & vocals (Housonic Records 2005)
  • ‘FEEL THE NEED’ – Weird Science (NuLife Records 2000)
  • ‘YOU GOT IT’ ‘HEAVENLY STARS’ & ‘WONDERFUL PERSON’ – Black Masses (Maw Music 1998)
  • ‘OUT OF MY LIFE’ – Paul Woolford (Underwater Records 2003)
  • ‘FEEL SO RIGHT’ – Problematic(2) – (Third Floor Records 1993)
  • ‘CLEAR IN MY MIND’ – Ruff’n’Tumble (Copyright Records 2002)
  • ‘I’M GONNA GET YOU’ 2006 – see
  • ‘I’M GONNA GET YOU’ 2008 – with Asha Keys / Thirteen Records
  • ‘GOTTA GET AWAY’ – Church of Disco (Culture Records 2003)
  • ‘THE GREATEST LOVE’ – John Barry (2004)
  • ‘LICENCE TO KILL’ – John Barry / Rumour Records (2007)
  • ‘MY LOVE IS DEEPER’ – K-Boy / Sounds Heavenly (2005)
  • ‘SWEET SURRENDER’ – Damp / Lickin Records
  • STAY AWAY’ – Homecookin (Sole Music/Slip’n’slide 2001)
  • ‘SEX (X-RATED LOVER)’ – Sleazesisters / Klone Records (2004)
  • ‘GOTTA GET AWAY’ – Church of Disco / Beechwood Music‘THE HUB’ – Album with Max Mezzowave of band Mezzowave (2004)
  • ‘PRESSURE’ – Simon Green / Big Little Band (2006)
  • “EASE THE PRESSURE’ – The Flash Back Project / Ministry (2007)
  • ‘CAN’T GET ENUF’ – Angie Brown (Clique Productions 2002)
  • ‘BE FREE’ – Lock & Burns (Neutone Records U.S 2001)
  • ‘GUILTY’ & ‘TABOO’– Luc Floreani
  • ‘SOME SATISFACTION’ DJ J.D Stress / White Label

With so many tracks out there, it is recommended that you visit for a more comprehensive list

Angie has become especially popular among the LGBTG (gay) community and has been asked to perform at many Gay Pride festivals and celebrations in the UK and Europe, most notably at Manchester Pride, a gig particularly close to her heart. In 2008 she got together with producer Stewart Who and singer/songwriter Luc Floreani to write & record a single for Manchester Pride called ‘I Finally Found Love’.

Much of the proceeds from the downloads of this track will benefit the many diverse causes which are fortunate enough to be supported by Manchester Pride. This, and many more Angie Brown tracks are available for download from i-Tunes and other leading download sites.